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Zeugos will be focused on Animal/Crop Production and Agriculture Chemicals. Zeugos will become a facilitator in ensuring that the common goals of optimum demand and supply is achieved. Zeugos will work with leaders in the industry and leverage its knowledge so that firms working in other economies of the world achieve stated goals.

Zeugos is committed to be a partner in clean energy drive of major corporations. To this effect, Zeugos will be working closely with firms involved in renewable energy such as Ethanol and Bio-Diesel production across the globe. We understand that Corn is a major source of ethanol production; however, alternative sources such as sugar cane, potato and maize are also being experimented. On a different end, Tyson's Renewable Energy program is working to examine ways to commercialize use of leftover material (animal fats) by converting it into biofuels. We at Zeugos understand that cost is a major driver when making a comparison between Ethanol and Petroleum. Zeugos will work with firms to help alleviate some of the costs by providing integrated IT services. Zeugos will be a facilitator in providing common platform between Agriculture Chemicals firms and firms involved in Animal/Crop Production. We will work with the chemical firms to locate areas of common IT interests and provide a smooth transitioning. Zeugos will focus on creating a near perfect world using its IT leverage between production and chemical firms.

True to its meaning of bridging the gap between developed economies and emerging markets, Zeugos Foundation will work towards feeding the hungry by providing a platform that will direct resources to people needing it the most.

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